With proved strengths in economic and statistical analysis, corporate finance, and management systems, GERENS seeks to provide an integral service to its clients, thus covering the whole range of fields necessary for an optimal business and political decision making process.

In the realm of economics, GERENS provides its clients with studies on industrial organization, market analysis, regulations, economic forecasts, and project evaluations. Using the state-of-the-arts on economics, quantitative, and statistical analysis, GERENS seeks to reach professional excellence in every advisory service it provides.

In the institutional field, GERENS supports its clients in critical analysis, new proposals and in the elaboration of proposed laws, in the areas of banking, capital markets, pension funds systems and telecommunications. Using its broad experience and the latest recommendations of international entities, GERENS contributes to the design and development of institutional systems that favor good market performance, improving supervision systems and incorporating countries to the most modern predominant tendencies in a globalized world

In the field of finance, GERENS strengths are in company valuation, finance structuring and M&A of private medium size companies.

In the management area, with an emphasis on organizational design and information and control systems, GERENS provides evaluation of the technological support, process reengineering, and definition of competitive strategies, including logical engineering through the physical implementation of such systems, whenever required.

During its existence, GERENS has provided advise to some of the most important Chilean companies and to virtually all branches of government related to the economic sector. Economic Consulting work include industrial organization studies and direct support to business planing done to major companies in such diverse fields as the electricity sector, telecommunications, and agro-industry. Also GERENS has been involved in providing economic advise to the Chilean government, particularly in the field of domestic regulations and strategy design for negotiating international trade treaties .

In the area of corporate finance, GERENS has been actively involved in financing, structuring and private capital placement for medium size companies.

In the field of management, GERENS has been responsible for major organizational redesign in important companies oriented to services provision, including banks and health-insurance companies among others.

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Gerens S.A. (January 2019)

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