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Patricio Arrau Pons

Ph.D. in Economics (1989), University of Pennsylvania, B. A. in Economics (1984), University of Chile. Currently he is President and founder of Gerens Capital S.A., a venture capital management company that manages two venture capital funds that have support from CORFO. He participates as a director in several companies where the funds have invested. This company also manages a fund that finances working capital for small businesses.

Also President and founder of Gerens SA, a consulting firm founded in 1994. As a consultant he has done consulting to public and private organizations in several areas such as financial sector and capital markets, macroeconomics, project evaluation, transportation and telecommunications, real estate, entrepreneurship and innovation. He has served as a World Bank economist (Young Professional Program 1989) in the area of international finance and adviser to the Minister of Finance of Chile, Alejandro Foxley on financial matters, and International Finance Coordinator in that Ministry. External consultant for the World Bank and IADB and author of several articles published in national and international media. He has also been President of the Port of San Antonio and the Port of Iquique, where he directed mayor concession processes. He has been director of ACAFI and Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the Santo Tomas University.

Gerens S.A.
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